Martial arts isn't only for the guys out there. Taking a martial art like karate, kickboxing, Taekwodno or Judo can be equally, if not more beneficial for a woman. Martial arts are becoming more and more popular with the female population, with good reason. Martial arts are beneficial physically, mentally and emotionally. It isn't very uncommon either, most gyms offer self defense and cardio kickboxing classes. If you want to reap the benefits of martial arts, here is some information for you. These are the 5 biggest benefits of martial arts for women.
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Self defense is more important than most people think it is. Taking martial arts as a method to protect yourself is an extremely wise move. You never know what can happen to a woman out on the street walking out of a bar or leaving work.
Every girl out there should give martial arts for self defense a serious thought. There are several to choose from, and the odds are good that you will find one to your liking. Strap on your martial arts and get started, what are you waiting for!

The social aspect of martial arts is terrific as well. Whether you take classes at a martial arts gym, or kickboxing classes at your local gym, it gives you an opportunity to meet new people. I've developed many friendships with the ladies I take my Muay Thai classes with, as well as the girls at my local gym. Whenever you can find something that you can take part in with people who share similar age and interests with you, take advantage of it!

First and foremost, martial arts of any kind are extremely physically demanding. Many people, myself included, believe that a martial arts workout will be the best workout you will ever have.
It is a great combination of resistance and cardiovascular training. You are constantly moving, keeping your heart rate up, while you are striking a pad, bag or sparring partner.
If losing fat and increasing your cardio, strength and flexibility isn't enough of a benefit for taking up a martial art, maybe peace of mind is.

One of the best side effects of taking martial arts and self defense classes is that it gives you an extreme sense of confidence. Just putting on before a class makes me feel like a new person ready to take on the world.
The confidence you get from martial arts carries over into every aspect of your life. You can deal with confrontation easier, you are more decisive, you worry less, you are less stressed and you are more assertive. These traits can improve your family, love life, job and other facets of life.

If you work out, you sleep better. This is a good thing for people like me, who have a hard time falling asleep. High school and college had my body programmed to go on 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night, and I had a hard time sleeping when I got out into the real world.
Martial arts has been a great physical outlet for me. I can go to 3 or 4 classes a week and work up a solid sweat. This effort allows my body to sleep more soundly, thus making me feel more energized in the morning. The sleep quality even carries over on days when I don't work out.

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