Coach Tom Chea
2010 USAT Coach of the year
Tom Chea was selected by coach Juan Moreno as one of six regional coaches for the Peak Performance National Team
Born in Cambodia and raised in America, Chea started training in the martial arts at the age of 9.  His Taekwondo training began in 1987, and he competed in Olympic-style sparring from 1989-1997. 
Coach Chea currently holds the rank of 4th Dan black belt.
1996 US. Open --- Gold                                               
1997 Pan American open - Gold
1996 Canadian Open - Silver
1994 US Cup team member
1995-1999 Cha’s International Game - Gold
1994-1995 Brandies University Game - Gold
1995 North American Elite - Gold
5 Times US. Cup Champion
8 Times New England Champion
8 Times State Champion
1994-1997 : As Head Instructor at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford, MA, provided Taekwondo instruction to military personnel.
1997-1998 : As Head Instructor for the Massachusetts Governors Alliance Against Drugs , provided martial arts training to at risk children
1998 2004 : Head Instructor of Chea’s X-Treme Taekwondo
2005 - Present: Head Coach for the Peak Performance Team of New Engalnd and Head Instructor for Advanced Taekwondo Systems (Warwick, Rhode Island)
Coach Chea has produced numerous State, Regional and National Champions in both the junior and senior divisions.

Coach Juan Miguel Moreno
Head Coach of the Peak Performance National Team is three-time Olympian Juan Miguel Moreno.  One of the most recognized names in the sport of Oylmpic-style Taekwondo, he is currently the USA National Team coach. 
7 Time USA National team member
3 Time USA Olympic team member
Athletic achievements
1987:US Olympic Festival (Fin): GOLD
1988:Olympic Games (Fin): SILVER
1988:Pan American Taekwondo Championships (Fin): GOLD
1989:World Cup Taekwondo Championships (Fin): SILVER
1989:US Olympic Festival (Fin): GOLD
1989:World Taekwondo Championships (Fin): BRONZE
1990:World Cup Taekwondo Championships (Fin): SILVER
1990:US Olympic Festival (Fin): GOLD
1990:Pan American Taekwondo Championships (Fin): SILVER
1991:Pan American Games (Fin): GOLD
1992:Olympic Games (Fin): SILVER
1998:US Open Taekwondo Championships (Bantam): BRONZE
1998:Spain Open Taekwondo Championships (Feather): BRONZE
1998:US National Taekwondo Team Trials (Fly): GOLD
1999:US Olympic Weight/Pan Am Games Team Trials (Fly): BRONZE
2000:World Cup Taekwondo Championships (Fly): GOLD
2000:US Olympic Taekwondo Team Trials (Fly): GOLD
2000:Olympic Games (Fly): Team Member