Open Sparring Class 
            This weekly 2 hour class is part of the Chea's Martial Arts curriculum.  The training is appropriate for intermediate and advanced level athletes.  The session focuses on the development of sparring techniques (including stance, footwork, hand strikes and kicking).  Sport-specific conditioning is also incorporated.  Participating athletes are also introduced to the lesson plan scheduled for the Peak Performance Team training on Saturday.

Peak Performance ”Tournament“ Training         
            Two to three times per year, Chea's Martial Arts hosts an informal ”tournament“ at our Rhode Island facility.  A number of local Taekwondo schools participate.  The ”tournament“ is designed to expose the athletes to unfamiliar opponents under conditions which mimic the competitive setting.  Athletes are grouped according to age, size and skill level.  The supervised sparring matches are performed on a regulation size mat using a time clock, scoreboard, referee and coaches.

Videotape Analysis
   Analysis of match footage is performed for the athlete after each major competition.  When available, videotape of upcoming opponents is also analyzed.

2.         Peak Performance Team Training (Miami, FL)
            At various times during the year, team members will have the opportunity to practice at Moreno’s facility in Miami, Florida.  While not mandatory, this activity will allow for interaction with the 5 other regional Peak Performance Teams (and visiting foreign teams when appropriate).   This opportunity is most appropriate for the 14-17 year old athletes who compete at the black belt level.

Team Training with Coach Moreno
            Head Coach Moreno administers three weekend training sessions per year at the Chea's Martial Arts facility in Rhode Island.  This training is provided exclusively for members of the Peak Performance Team.  During these sessions, Moreno provides instruction to the entire team and analyzes the progress of each athlete. 

Peak Performance Athletes Development Camp
     This intensive TWO-DAY program will provide an elite training experience for high-level junior and senior Taekwondo athletes.  The comprehensive sparring curriculum is designed to develop each athlete’s physical attributes, technique, skills and strategy.  A world-class coaching staff (with assistance from U.S. National Team members) will provide instruction during the 3 daily training sessions.  Participants will also have the opportunity to spar with multiple competitors of similar skill level. 

Seminar of Champions
     The program will provide an elite training experience for junior and senior Taekwondo athletes.  There will be a focus on advanced strategic concepts in preparation for the up coming national competitions.   Along with exposure to world-class coaching and training, participants will have the opportunity to spar with multiple competitors of similar skill level. 

1.         Combined Training with other schools
            A strategic relationship has been established with Master Tino Fernandes of Champion Taekwondo in Boston.  Athletes from the Peak Performance Team and Champion TKD interact in the form of combined sparring training.  The training typically takes place on the first Saturday of each month with the location alternating between Rhode Island and Massachusetts.