PEAK PERFORMANCE Team members have access to FitLight training. This unique and innovative training program is designed to enhance performance in all sports, its application developes general athletic attributes of strength, speed, agility, balance, coordination and flexibility, with a focus on Sport Taekowndo

       This 2.0 hour period will be devoted to enhancing the athlete’s performance in the competition setting.  Drills are designed to allow for the conversion of techniques into sparring skills.  Along with specific instruction in the strategic aspects of Sport Taekwondo, there will be a minimum of one hour of supervised full-contact sparring.   Each athlete will be critiqued by the coaching staff during the practice session.

pm  TECHNIQUE Training
     This 1.5 hour training session is directed by Coach Chea.  The session will focus on the development of sparring techniques (including stance, footwork, hand strikes and kicking).  Sport-specific conditioning will also be incorporated into the session.
Sparring is the act of practicing combat against a live opponent, without actually having to pick a real fight! It is almost unheard of to practice Tae Kwon Do without at least doing some light sparring, as this is an integral part of your training not only in Tae Kwon Do, but in martial arts in general.